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Buy Direct Traffic or Buy Regular Traffic that is traceable in Google Analytics which it displays as Direct Traffic source.

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Buy Traffic (Buy Direct Traffic or Buy Regular Traffic) which comes from the visitors that click on a direct link (Your website link) and then they land to your website. This type of website traffic counts as Regular Traffic or Direct Traffic which it is visible in Google Analytics as Direct . It is accumulation of favourites, bookmarks and premium domain names. To clarify that visitors who land to your website come by clicking on your website URL NOT the anchor text or keyword. If Your are interested in targeting visitors by keywords then please visit of Organic Traffic (Search Traffic) that it targets your keyword and URLs.

Regular Website Traffic or Direct Website Traffic Specifications:

  • Visible in Google Analytics
  • 100% Google Adsense safe
  • Alexa Rank Improvement
  • High Quality Volume
  • Low Bounce Rate
  • Improve Online Site Time

Please kindly respect our below terms as we do not accept URLs that contain:

  • NO webpage with the frame breaker scripts – If you are not sure, then test your URL here
  • NO popup window on load, re-load or exit the web page – test your URL here, If you are not sure
  • NO URL or website that contains auto-play video
  • NO URL with sound (Disturbing for visitors who land to your website)
  • NO software installers, ad-wares, malware and trojan
  • NO illegal activity or terrorist act
  • NO adult contents for targeted traffic – Buy Adult Traffic here with the relevant categories
  • NO Counter Time URL shorteners (Unethical URL shorteners) such as adf.ly or foc.us

If you have question related to Regular Traffic (Direct Traffic), please feel free to contact us here.

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